Welcome Pencil Pushers

Welcome Pencil Pushers to the home of the Broken Pencil Booking Company!  A wrestling podcast from a couple of Hip-Hop cats.  The hosts not only have an extensive knowledge of wrestling but they have perfected the art of infusing their wrestling knowledge with trash talk, wrestling facts and predictions.   All while staying true to their Hip-Hop roots.   So, if  you’re ready to get a new perspective on wrestling and some of the dopest Hip-Hop, then you’ve come to the right place.  Heads up; pencils down! 

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Meet the Crew


Suave aka "The Mayor"

Suave Burgandy is an entertainment industry veteran with extensive social media marketing, and music coordination expertise. With over 15+ years experience as a live event DJ, 10+ years in online content management and marketing/merchandising strategy for indie hip-hop groups, and 5+ years tenured in internet radio broadcasts. Obsessed with sneaker and pro-wrestling culture Suave brings passionate opinions & out of the box thinking to every episode of #BrokenPencilLogic.

Wood aka "DanjahOne"

Wood (aka DanjahOne) has amassed quite the stint in Broadcasting. With time in Commercial, Internet, and Satellite Radio entities, he brings over 20 years of combined Radio and Podcasting experience to the Broken Pencil Booking Co. Never one to keep his grind to a minimum, DanjahOne also landed production credit for Lords of the Underground’s official remix for “The Clinic”–an underground cult classic in the UK, Switzerland, and Sweden. In a 2013 article on All Hip-Hop by Skyyhook (World Famous Wake-Up Show), she listed DanjahOne as one of “15 DJ’s you may not know, but should”.  His love for all things wrestling and Hip-Hop, made the concept of doing the BPBC podcast east.  Outside of BPBC, Wood continues his work with Suave Burgandy on song and mixtapes. Catch them both on the recently-released #SuavetoberfestPlus.


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